Made of soft, breathable and moisture-regulating fabrics – for optimal wearing comfort on the yoga mat, during training or in everyday life

Super comfortable and perfect for all activities.
The Classic Shorts are now available in Tie Dye as well!

Our unisex classic made from TENCEL™.

Suitable for athletic activities as well as everyday wear

Made from velvety soft organic cotton. Unisex.

Our classic sweat pant made from organic cotton. Unisex.

Sustainable men's pants and shorts for yoga and fitness

For yoga and fitness, it is best to wear pants that are breathable and comfortable on the skin. If you value sustainable products, pants and shorts made from organic cotton and TENCEL™ are a good choice.

Both materials offer an exceptionally good wearing experience, are breathable and flexible.

TENCEL™ has the property of cooling the body and is especially a good choice when it is hot outside or the training is particularly sweat-inducing.

Organic cotton is particularly skin-friendly, soft and flexible. So if you like it comfortable, you will especially love jogging pants and shorts made of organic cotton.

It is especially important that the cut of men’s yoga pants allows the body the necessary freedom of movement. Especially during yoga practice, you don’t want to be restricted by your clothing.

It is practical if yoga pants and training pants have pockets, then you can put important small items like your phone or keys in them.

Whether fitted or slightly looser cut – the perfect yoga pants for men should above all be comfortable and allow full freedom of movement. The waistband sits best not too low, so that the pants don’t slide down during downward-facing dog. Cuffs on the leg are practical to keep everything in place here as well.
The material should be breathable, elastic and not too thick, because practicing yoga can also be sweat-inducing.

When it comes to shorts for yoga, pay attention to a comfortable, elastic material above all. The shorts should fit well and not be too short – to avoid unwanted glimpses.

For our sports pants, we only use organic cotton, TENCEL and recycled materials. Functionality and sustainability go hand in hand. The joggers are produced in Portugal and Lithuania under 100% fair conditions.