Beanies, headbands and scrunchies for yoga, outdoor sports and fitness. Made from elastic and breathable materials.

Breathable, temperature regulating, and super soft. Our TENCEL™ beanies.

Hairbands, headbands, and scrunchies made of TENCEL™ or organic cotton will keep your hair in place.

This way, you can focus completely on your workout or yoga practice.

Beanies, hoods, and headbands as versatile accessories for sports activities

Do you love being outside no matter the weather?

Hoods and headbands made of Tencel are the perfect choice because they not only offer functionality, but are also environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin.

Tencel is an environmentally friendly raw material made from wood that requires less water and chemicals than traditional fibers. This makes Tencel beanies a sustainable choice for your headwear.

Tencel beanies are not only good for the environment, but also for your skin. Tencel is hypoallergenic and helps to keep sweat and moisture away from the skin, making you feel fresh and comfortable during your sporting activities.

The thin hoods and headbands made of Tencel can also be worn under a helmet.

They are an indispensable companion for all outdoor activities for us.

We also use the headbands and hairbands indoors to keep our hair in place during yoga practice and workouts.