Long-sleeved shirts and sweaters made of breathable functional material. For sports or everyday life.

The perfect mix from TENCEL™ …

… and organic cotton

Our popular long sleeve is also available in B-stock – the sleeves are slightly too long in this case. 

But we don’t throw anything away: you can buy these items at the production price.

Men's yoga long-sleeve shirts and sweaters made from sustainable materials

Long-sleeves and sweaters are always needed to put on after a yoga practice or workout to keep the body warm.

It is important that they are made from breathable and comfortable materials, as the skin needs to be able to breathe.

With TENCEL™ fiber, you don’t have to compromise on function or sustainability. The fiber is of botanical origin and produced in a closed production cycle, conserving resources and keeping all chemicals used in the cycle.

TENCEL™ cools in heat and warms in cold. This makes the material ideal for long-sleeve shirts – also for outdoor sports such as hiking, running and climbing.

When buying long-sleeves for yoga and sports, make sure the cut allows sufficient freedom of movement and the seams are comfortable and don’t rub. Flat seams are ideal for long-sleeved shirts.

Tops made of TENCEL that conform softly to the body and move with you are ideal. Use long sleeves for your yoga practice on colder days, for meditation or shavasana. Our long-sleeves provide you with optimal warmth without weighing you down.

Long sleeves made of TENCEL are perfect for your outdoor adventures – take them with you on your hikes and mountain tours. They are super lightweight, fast-drying and breathable.