Functional and comfortable pants for all day wear!

Yoga pants and sports pants that simply fit well and are made from soft and breathable materials. You won’t want to take them off all day.

Our unisex classic made from TENCEL™.

Suitable for athletic activities as well as everyday wear

The most comfortable pants in the world.

Made of soft TENCEL™ with organic cotton.

Made from velvety soft organic cotton. Unisex.

Our classic sweat pant made from organic cotton. Unisex.

Sustainable pants for yoga and sports.

A good choice for sustainable sports clothing are pants made of organic cotton or TENCEL™.

Organic cotton is a material that is grown without the use of harmful substances and is therefore particularly skin-friendly. It is breathable and soft, making it perfect for sports and yoga pants.

TENCEL™ is a particularly sustainable material made from renewable resources such as wood. It is particularly durable and absorbs moisture well, making it perfect for sports activities. TENCEL™ is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, making it a healthy choice for the skin.”

In addition to their sustainability, both materials are also particularly flexible. This is especially important for yoga clothing, as mobility is important. Therefore, pants made of organic cotton or TENCEL™ are the perfect choice for those who don’t want to be restricted during sports.

Overall, pants made of organic cotton and TENCEL™ are a good choice for those who value sustainability and comfort. They are breathable, flexible, and have a pleasant feel, making them perfect for sports and yoga practice.

For yoga, pants made of stretchy and breathable materials such as organic cotton and TENCEL™ are suitable. It is important that the waistband does not constrict you and that the pants give you enough room to move.

Our sweatpants can be worn for sports, in urban life, at home for home office or on the couch. With their sporty-chic style, you always look good.

Natural fibers guarantee the best wearing comfort here. Organic cotton and TENCEL™ are breathable, soft and flexible. This allows you to move in all directions and forget about your clothes completely.

Almost all of our yoga pants and sports pants have a slimmer or wider cuff at the leg ending. So it doesn’t matter if the pants are a few centimeters too short or too long. However, pants with open leg endings should fit perfectly in length..

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