They warm you up after yoga or a workout and accompany you all day!

Made of soft, beautifully draping and breathable materials like TENCEL™ and organic cotton.

Whether you’re doing yoga or outdoor sports, TENCEL™ fabrics will keep you cool and dry with their breathable and temperature-regulating properties.

The cover up is not only extra soft and comfortable against your skin – it cools you in heat and warms you in cold.

Your perfect companion for all activities and for everyday life!

The perfect mix from TENCEL™ …

… and organic cotton

Our popular long sleeve is also available in B-stock – the sleeves are slightly too long in this case. 

But we don’t throw anything away: you can buy these items at the production price.


Do you want to stay warm without feeling constricted? The fine functional fiber made of TENCEL™ and organic cotton allows your body to breathe. The fabric cools the body when it is hot and warms when it is cold.

Sweating yes – stinking no!

TENCEL™ has an antibacterial effect – so the clothing does not stink, even if you sweat in it multiple times. In addition, the fine fabric dries quickly because it has the ability to distribute moisture into the fibers, so they can dry quickly.

Versatile long sleeve shirts

Whether for warming up or cooling down during your yoga practice or in fitness training or even outdoor sports, Tencel long sleeves are always the perfect outfit.

Tops made of TENCEL that conform softly to the body and move with you are ideal. Use long sleeves for your yoga practice on colder days, for meditation or shavasana. Our long sleeves provide cozy warmth without weighing you down.

Combined with jeans, skirts or leggings, you can also wear nice to meet me tops in everyday life, home office or on your journeys through the city. The soft and beautifully flowing fabric and the feminine cuts offer style and the best wearing comfort at the same time.

Long sleeves made of TENCEL are perfect for your outdoor adventures – take them with you on your hikes and mountain tours. They are super lightweight, fast-drying and breathable.

Our wrap tops can be worn in different ways. Open, wrapped firmly around the body or casually slipped into the side loops. Just as you need it.

Our basic long sleeves and sweaters are made from environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton and TENCEL, produced in Europe under fair conditions. For your comfort and for our planet.

You can also find all our tops and long sleeves in our store in the Vienna Sonnwendviertel.

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