Leggings for yoga and sports – sustainable and functional

Colourful or plain, made of recycled polyester/polyamide or soft organic cotton. Find your perfect leggings for all activities here. With these leggings made of recycled materials, you can also jump into the water or go surfing!

Extremely elastic, durable, matte, and opaque.

Figure-shaping, infinitely comfortable, and simply the best leggings so far.

Here they are – the Life Leggings! >

The innovative Amni Soul Eco material ensures that detached microfibers decompose 20 times faster in marine environments. On landfills, clever bacteria ensure up to 10 times faster decomposition than standard fibers – a real game changer for our planet!

A super comfortable legging made of soft organic cotton with a wide waistband.

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Feel the unique blend of organic cotton and mesh. 

Soft and sexy at the same time.

Ghost nets are lost or discarded fishing nets that roam freely and make up 10% of the trash floating in the sea. Turtles, fish, dolphins, and smaller whales get caught in these nets.

For our Energy Leggings in Nero, we use ECONYL® – a fiber made from recycled nylon, which is produced from old ghost nets.

How to find the best yoga leggings for you

Although practicing yoga is about focusing inward, the right outfit is still a topic. The heart of a yoga outfit are the right leggings. Here, everything simply has to fit: the material, the fit, the opaqueness, functionality, and especially the feeling.

The ideal material for yoga leggings

For less sweat-inducing activities or yoga styles, organic cotton is surely the most comfortable material. The natural fiber is particularly sustainable, very breathable, and simply feels good and natural on the skin.

Recycled polyester (rPET) or polyamide (recycled from old fishing nets or biodegradable polyamide) are not natural fibers and therefore do not absorb as much moisture. As a result, the material feels dry, even if you sweat a lot. Leggings made of synthetic fibers usually provide more support and some compression – a pleasant effect for more dynamic activities. They are stable and very durable.

The fit – the perfect leggings should fit like a second skin

In order for attention to remain on yoga or movement and not be occupied with clothing, yoga leggings must simply fit perfectly.
The ideal leggings provide freedom of movement and at the same time support.
A high waistband softly encloses the abdomen and does not constrict anywhere.

Sustainability in yoga leggings – a must!

Fast fashion is a social and environmental drama. Those who practice yoga and sport for more mindfulness, health, and well-being must also think beyond the yoga mat. Dirty sportswear that causes suffering for the people in the production chain or our planet is out. We focus on toxin-free clothing made of organic cotton, TENCEL, or recycled and biodegradable fibers. It is also important to wear clothing for a long time, repair it, and practice minimalism in the wardrobe.

Opaque leggings

An important criterion is how opaque the yoga leggings are. Synthetic fibers usually have the upper hand in this regard. Generally speaking, the darker the color, the more opaque the leggings. With organic cotton, the leggings should not fit too tight because otherwise the underwear tends to show through.


Leggings should be designed for movement. The material must move with the body and at the same time maintain its shape. It is also important that the material allows the body to breathe and dries quickly.

The perfect leggings for yoga are breathable, stretchy, and have a good feel. The waistband should fit well and not bunch, and the leggings should not constrict you anywhere. It feels best as if you are not wearing anything at all.

Organic cotton is not only better for our planet and for the people on cotton plantations, but also for your skin. Our organic cotton is free of toxins and feels silky smooth against your body. Leggings made of organic cotton are best suited for yoga and fitness – but you will not want to take them off all day because they feel like a second skin.

For the fabrics made of recycled polyester and recycled polyamide, waste is used – which would otherwise end up in landfills – such as PET bottles, old fishing nets, fabric scraps, and industrial plastics. These plastics, which would otherwise be at the end of their useful life, are then cleaned, ground down, and reprocessed into a high-quality plastic for yarn production. The result is fabrics that contribute to reducing waste, but at the same time do not compromise on performance.

All of our leggings made of recycled polyester and recycled polyamide are perfect for water sports. The fabric dries quickly, is resistant to chlorine, saltwater, and sun cream, and provides sun protection. Combined with our bras, you can create the perfect look for water sports.

Leggings made of natural materials such as organic cotton are especially suitable for yoga and indoor fitness sessions Those who like natural will love the feel and breathability of cotton. For sweat-inducing training, outdoor sports, or surfing, leggings made of recycled materials are recommended. Synthetic fabrics do not absorb as much moisture – this means less sweat stains and they also dry faster. In addition, leggings made of polyester or nylon provide light compression and firm up the body.

A high, soft waistband ensures that the leggings fit well and do not slip. n addition, the waistband gently holds in the abdomen – without constricting, which gives a beautiful contour.

All leggings from nice to meet me are completely animal-free!

nice to meet me only produces in Europe, specifically in Portugal, Lithuania, and Czech Republic under fair conditions. We only use sustainable materials and do not use plastic in our packaging.

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