Everyday and Sports Clothing for Spring

For the Love of Movement: Transitional Clothing That Keeps Up with You.

Whether you enjoy the calm of yoga, explore new horizons on hiking trails, test your limits while running, or squeeze in a spontaneous workout at the playground—our breathable and quick-drying materials like Tencel and hemp ensure that you are perfectly equipped for any activity and any weather. With layers that are easy to adjust, you’re ready to take on any challenge and fully enjoy the joy of movement.

Function? Of course!

Our tip for the transitional season: Wear T-shirts that offer excellent thermal regulation thanks to their material blend. Our styles made from a blend of TENCEL™ Lyocell and organic cotton keep you warm when it’s cool and cool you down when temperatures rise.


TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers:

  • support a natural feeling of dryness through moisture regulation
  • are unfavorable for odor-causing bacteria
  • are naturally soft and feel smooth

The Strength of Nature in Every Fiber

As the seasons change, hemp is your secret weapon for sportswear that breathes and stays fresh. Thanks to its natural breathability and antibacterial properties, hemp fiber is ideal to accompany you through the fluctuating temperatures of the transitional period. It ensures that you feel comfortable with every move and that your clothing stays fresh longer.


  • Environmentally friendly: Hemp requires little water, no pesticides, and improves soil quality.
  • Durable: Hemp fibers are extremely robust and retain their shape even after many washes.
  • Comfortable: Naturally breathable and antibacterial, hemp provides freshness and comfort.

From Sun Salutations to Sunset

Yoga in the morning, a spontaneous workout in the park, a dip in the water, and then straight to meeting with friends—sounds like a perfect day, right?

Choose everyday and sports clothing for the transitional period that is as flexible as you are and stylishly accompanies you through your entire day.

Our eco activewear is not just meant for the studio. It’s a statement for a conscious and active lifestyle. Feel good, look great, and live by your rules!


We process polyamide with enhanced biodegradability and regenerated nylon (ECONYL®).

Our polyamide fabrics are extremely flexible, shape-retaining, and so versatile that you can wear them for all your favorite activities.