SURFwear & Swimmwear

Surfwear and bikinis made from ECONYL® that not only look good in the water.

All styles are reversible and suitable for yoga, summer activities, and of course, water sports.

With this reversible bikini top made from ECONYL®, you can do anything.

Wear the Wave Top for yoga, as a bra, or in the water and flip it over according to your mood!

Even in high waves, duck dives, and wipeouts, on a kiteboard or SUP, nothing will slip.

Bikini shorts for surfing, swimming, or hot yoga.

Reverse them as you please or fold down the waistband to let the sun shine on your belly.

Let’s be aware that we are only guests in the oceans, lakes, and rivers. It is up to us to respect and preserve the habitat of the locals.
Together, we can ensure that the beauty and diversity of our waters are preserved for future generations.
Every piece of our Wave Collection features a subtle “RESPECT THE LOCALS” print.


Regenerated nylon (ECONYL®) is a sustainable material made from recycled nylon waste. The process of producing ECONYL® involves using nylon waste such as fishing nets, carpets, and fabric scraps that would otherwise end up in landfills. These materials are collected, cleaned, and chopped into smaller pieces. They are then processed into a new yarn that can be used to make textiles and other products. The use of ECONYL® helps to reduce waste, conserve resources, and decrease environmental impact.
Our swimwear is reversible, which means you always have the choice of which color to wear. Additionally, the double layer of fabric gives the bikini more strength, providing better support to the body and ensuring it is not see-through.
Our Wave Collection is designed for activities in and out of the water where you move a lot and don’t want to worry about your clothes staying in place.

ECONYL® is an environmentally friendly material made from recycled nylon waste such as fishing nets, old carpets, and fabric scraps.

ECONYL® fibers can be recycled many times without losing quality.

We love this fiber because it is particularly smooth and soft on the skin.

Due to its elasticity and softness, the material is perfect for activewear and swimwear.

The material is resistant to saltwater, chlorinated water, and protects the skin from UV radiation.

Yes, it is possible. Swimwear and surfwear made from Econyl are not only suitable for use in the water but can also be worn on land. The material is quick-drying and breathable, which makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather and particularly during sports activities.

Our models are available in various sizes and provide a comfortable and secure fit for every body shape.