On the yoga mat, in the mountains, at the climbing wall, on your running track or in everyday life. With these tank tops and shirts made from comfortable functional materials, you always look good.

  • Core T . TENCEL™

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Tencel is an environmentally friendly fabric made from sustainable resources and is characterized by its soft and smooth structure. The fabric is particularly breathable, has an antibacterial effect and ensures that you always stay comfortably cool during your workout or yoga session.

Fabrics made of hemp are particularly breathable and reduce sweating.

Hemp grows without herbicides, pesticides and artificial irrigation and has a negative CO2 balance in cultivation.

The Active Tank can handle anything with its soft but resistant fabric.

While climbing, yoga or in daily life, it is a reliable companion for you.

Recycled Cotton + Organic Cotton

  • Core T . rPET/Biobaumwolle

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    Essential Tank

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Sustainable yoga shirts and sports shirts for men made from Tencel, organic cotton and hemp

When it comes to sustainable sports and yoga shirts, functionality should not be neglected. Therefore, materials such as TENCEL™ and hemp are a good choice because they offer natural function without the need for synthetic materials.

Hemp and TENCEL™ shirts and tank tops are not only perfect for yoga practice and fitness, they are also the ideal choice for outdoor activities such as hiking, running and climbing.

Sport and yoga shirts must be breathable

When the body is moved intensely, the skin wants to be able to breathe. Therefore, it is important that the fabric allows air to pass through. This also counteracts bacterial growth and prevents unpleasant odor.

Freedom of movement

The perfect cut for shirts and tank tops for yoga and sport must allow the body full freedom of movement. Ideally, they are cut in such a way that they do not slip even when upside down. When purchasing, pay attention to comfortable seams, flat seams are ideal.

Sustainable and skin-friendly

When choosing sustainable products for sportswear, you not only do something good for the planet. It is also better for the skin to wear toxin-free clothing. In addition, you just feel better and can practice yoga or train with a clear conscience.

Breathability and functionality should be the main focus of the yoga shirt or long sleeve. Shirts made of TENCEL are recommended – because this material has the property of distributing moisture in the fibers and then drying quickly. TENCEL also does not give bacteria a chance to grow, so there is little odor formation.

Make sure that the shirt is not too wide at the bottom. This prevents the shirt from riding up to your stomach in f