+ Soft TENCEL™ hairband

Functional fabric of botanical origin made of 64% TENCEL™, 31% organic cotton, 5% elastane

+ Silky soft feeling
+ Breathable and temperature regulating
Antibacterial and therefore no sweat smell
Dries quickly
Low water and energy consumption
+ Production and dyeing without toxins

One size Due to its flexible nature the headband suits any head shape and size.

Idea and design made in Austria.
The very sustainable TENCEL® fibers come from Austria, organic cotton from Grece. Both woven into incredible fabrics in Portugal. Cut and sewn in Portugal.

Sustainable care instructions for your garment and the environment:
wash at 30 degrees, air dry, iron gently.

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Made of TENCEL™ with organic cotton, this hairband keeps your hair in check and warms your ears.

TENCEL® has the property of rapidly absorbing moisture into the fibers and releasing it to the outside air. This way, you always feel dry.

The band is also good to wear under a helmet.

Hairband . TENCEL™

A soft and breathable hairband made of TENCEL™

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The environmentally friendly cellulose fibre TENCEL™ meets organic cotton. What emerges from this? A natural and functional fabric that scores thanks to its breathability and incredibly soft feel.

The fabric is our all-year favourite: The TENCEL™ fibre cools the body in the heat and keeps it warm in the cold. If you want to avoid plastic clothing, you can try TENCEL™, because the moisture (sweat) is absorbed into the fibres and then dries in a flash.

In addition, the fibre has an antibacterial effect, which means no stinky shirt after an intense workout! The material also scores in terms of sustainability: TENCEL™ is obtained from rapidly renewable eucalyptus from sustainable cultivation.

The closed production cycle minimizes water and energy consumption. A non-toxic solvent is used for the production, which is 99% recycled.


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