Unisex Sweatshirt

A cosy unisex sweater


Unisex Sweatshirt

A cosy unisex sweater

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+ Organic cotton fabric on the shoulders and arms
+ Fabric made of TENCEL™ in the belly and back
+ Soft cuffs on the sleeves
+ Round neckline

Fabric 1: Our velvety favourite: Fabric made of 82% organic cotton, 8% elastane

+ A lightly brushed surface for a velvety soft feel
+ Breathable, flexible, and snug
+ Environmentally friendly cotton cultivation
+ Free from pesticides, fertilizers, and genetic engineering.
+ Production and dyeing without toxins

Fabric 2: Functional fabric of botanical origin made of 64% TENCEL™, 31% organic cotton, 5% elastane

+ Silky soft feeling
+ Breathable and temperature regulating
+ Antibacterial and therefore no sweat smell
+ Dries quickly
+ Low water and energy consumption
+ Production and dyeing without toxins

Loose fit

Developed and designed in Austria.
The particularly sustainable TENCEL™ fibre comes from Austria, the organic cotton from Greece. In Portugal, it was made into a great fabric. The organic cotton comes from Greece and the fabric was woven in Portugal.
This sweater was cut and sewn in Portugal.

This way, you save the environment and your sweater:
wash at 30 degrees, air dry, and iron gently.

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A sweatshirt for women and men made of a material mix of TENCEL™ and organic cotton.

Comfy and stylish at the same time.


A fabric that feels like a peach kiss on your skin. The velvety surface immediately creates a feeling of well-being. With its flexibility and softness, our organic cotton fabric feels like a second skin.

Good to your skin and to our planet: Organic cotton does not use fertilizers, pesticides or genetic engineering and saves a lot of water in cultivation. Producers have a healthier, more stable and better-paying workplace.


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