+ High waistband
+ Double fabric at the waistband

Gives old PET bottles and plastic waste a new life: our functional fabric is made from 78% recycled polyester with 22% elastane.

+ Extremely flexible in all directions
+ Opaque, shape-stable and durable
+ Soft and smooth on the surface
+ With light compression for more muscle strength and firm contouring
+ Keeps the body dry and fresh
+ UV protection (UPF 50+) and resistant to chlorinated water and sunscreen
+ Reduces waste, lowers energy consumption and conserves resources
+ Dyed and printed without toxins

Snug fit
This biker provides a slight compression and tight contouring.

Idea and design from Austria.
At some point, this biker was an old plastic bottle that no one needed anymore. It was made into fabric and printed in Italy.
Cut and sewn in Lithuania.

Save the environment and your bikers, wash them at 30 degrees and air dry.

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Welcome to the Jungle! A biker made from recycled fishing nets, for yoga, surfing and all things fun.
We feel connected to the rainforests of this earth – that’s why we love our Jungle edition, because it reminds us how important it is to protect these resources.
The extra-wide and soft waistband has rubber on the top edge and thus does not slip down. Sein doppelter Stoff stützt sanft die Bauchdecke.
You want to wear a skirt while doing sports? Then wear these bikers underneath and move as wild and free as you like!
The material is perfect for yoga, training, running and water sports.

Biker . Jungle Edition

Do everything you feel like with this biker: Some yoga, a run, jump into the water or wear it under a skirt!

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We cannot do without synthetic fibres in sportswear, as they have a lot of positive properties when processed into functional fabrics. Synthetic fibre, unlike natural fibre, does not absorb moisture (sweat), but can transfer it and thus remains drier. The garments keep their shape longer and are much more robust.

Despite their long durability, polyester garments are not particularly environmentally friendly: All over the world, a lot of crude oil is used in the production of polyester, which also requires a lot of energy in the production process.

Processing recycled plastic from old PET bottles and plastic waste eliminates the waste of crude oil, consumes less energy and reduces CO2 emissions. All our fabrics made of synthetic fibres are dyed or printed without toxins.