Kurma Geco Lite

Made from high-grade natural non-Amazon forest harvested rubber, synthetic and recycled rubber. The only rubber yoga mat that can be 100% recycled.

64,95  inkl. USt. / zzgl. Versand

The only rubber yoga mat that can be 100% recycled. The GECO is a great blend of high performance, cushioning and maximum grip on both sides for any type of practice. Die 4 mm starke Yogamatte ist geschlossenporig, hygienisch und außerordentlich rutschfest. Da es sich um Naturkautschuk handelt und die Oberfläche besonders griffig ist, kommt es bei intensiver mechanischer Einwirkung natürlicherweise nach längerer Zeit zu einem Abrieb. 185 cm x 66 cm, 4 mm stark, 1,9 kg.

100% industrially recyclable
High-grade natural and synthetic rubber (partially recycled). Free of Nitrosamines and PAHs

Emission-free, energy-efficient manufacturing

When first out of packaging, the GECO has a rubber smell that will dissipate with time and increased air exposure. Prior to initial use, we recommend leaving your mat to air out overnight in a well-ventilated, dry room. .

Wash your hands with soap and water before using your GECO mat. It is essential to remove natural oils or hand cream etcetera because this will cause slippage.

Practising yoga alternately on each side of the mat extends the lifespan of your GECO mat. For heated classes or intensive sweating a yoga towel is indispensable.

To store:
o store, always roll your mat with the top surface with the logo facing outwards. The rolled mat should be stored away from direct sunlight, e.g. in a yoga mat bag. Minimizing sunlight exposure will extend the life of your mat.

To clean:
For a quick cleaning after every practice, simply wipe the surface of your mat with a moist cloth. Leave the mat flat on the floor to dry. On occasion for deeper cleaning, use a mild organic detergent or soap (no solvents, no harsh abrasives). Omit the logo area to prevent degradation. Wipe the surface clean with a cloth and fresh water. Leave the mat flat on the floor to fully dry. Alternatively, carefully rinse the surface in the tub or shower without soaking or submerging your mat.

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