+ Reduced seams for maximum comfort
+ High waistband for a perfect fit
+ Exceptional flexibility, fits like a second skin
+ Back pocket easily fitting a mobile phone
+ Small front pocket for keys
+ Flat seams for a smooth fit
+ Unrestricted freedom of movement
+ Made of matte, opaque and longlasting fabric

More time with you. Less time on the planet.
66% AMNI SOUL ECO® – polyamide with improved biodegradability
34% biodegradable elastane (ROICA™)

+ Extremely flexible
+ Velvety soft surface
+ Microfibers that come loose during washing degrade up to 20 times faster in marine environments
+ Accelerated decomposition of the material in landfills, up to 10 times faster than conventional synthetic fibers
+ Durable, colorfast and quick-drying for long-lasting comfort
+ Oeko-Tex® certified and free from harmful substances

Snug fit.

Developed and designed in Austria.
The fabric comes from Italy. Cut and sewn in Portugal.

This is good for the environment and your leggings:
Wash at 30 degrees, air dry and do not iron.

Despite the improved biodegradability, please do not dispose of the leggings in your compost, but in textile recycling or household waste.

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These Life Leggings are your perfect companions for your active and sustainable way of living. Designed to offer you freedom and comfort, they fit like a second skin and accompany you effortlessly through your active everyday life. The high waistband and flat seams ensure a perfect fit without chafing. The innovative AMNI SOUL ECO® material ensures exceptional flexibility and durability. What is particularly remarkable is the material’s ability to degrade more quickly – whether in landfill or the microfibers in the marine environment.

Life Leggings

Freedom of movement redefined: the ultimate eco-active leggings for every moment of your active life

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The material sets new standards in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability in the textile sector. AMNI SOUL ECO® is a polyamide yarn that is characterized by accelerated decomposition, both in marine environments and in landfills. Microfibers that come loose during washing degrade up to 20 times faster in marine environments. In addition, the material decomposes in landfills up to 10 times faster than conventional synthetic fibers, significantly reducing the impact on the environment. ROICA™ is a recyclable stretch material, it is completely biodegradable. Despite these properties, the quality of the material remains high, durable and colorfast. The fabric is Oeko-Tex® certified and free from harmful substances.