Respect for the oceans: Sustainable Bikinis

Swim & surfwear made from recycled nylon (ECONYL®) to connect you with the ocean and support your active lifestyle.

Whether you are surfing the waves, relaxing on the beach, or being active on the yoga mat. Each design pays tribute to the sea and its inhabitants by using materials that keep our aquatic worlds clean and vibrant.

Enjoy your summer and respect the oceans while leading an active lifestyle.

Reversible Bikinis

Let the sun touch your skin without compromising fit.

Have you always wanted a bikini that fits perfectly and accentuates your feminine contours? Versatile and adjustable, it fits any body and provides optimal support, no matter how active your beach day gets.

Bikinis with good support

For when yoga on the beach, beach volleyball, or duck dives are on the agenda

Are you looking for a bikini with good support that is just as suitable for yoga and surfing on the beach as it is an elegant bra under your everyday clothes? An all-rounder that combines flexibility, freedom of movement, and style.

Swim and surfwear made from recycled materials

The entire Wave Collection is made from ECONYL®, a fiber created through an innovative process of regenerating nylon waste such as fishing nets and industrial plastic. This high-quality polyamide is known for its durability and stretchability, providing excellent shape retention and optimal freedom of movement. Additionally, the material offers sun protection with a UPF 50 rating. Using ECONYL® helps reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

Bikinis that combine style and function

Imagine wearing a bikini that not only fits perfectly during surfing or yoga on the beach but also offers exceptional support thanks to its double fabric layer. Our sustainable swimwear is reversible, giving you the freedom to wear it in various color combinations as you wish. Designed to be worn in various styles, the bikinis adapt to your style and activities. Enjoy the assurance that everything stays in place while you move freely and fully enjoy every moment by the water.

Respect the Locals

Each piece of the Wave Collection discreetly features the slogan “RESPECT THE LOCALS. This reminds us to treat natural waters and their numerous inhabitants with care. Wearing this message emphasizes our commitment to careful environmental management and highlights the importance of protecting our oceans and lakes. It is a small but powerful sign that helps raise awareness for the conservation of marine habitats.